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Model: TKE-1225

Test Type: Thermal Conductivity, Guarded Comparative Heat Flow Meter, ASTM E1225
PMICs Guarded-Comparative-Longitudinal Heat Flow System is ideal for evaluating materials in the moderate to high conductivity range. It is based on ASTM E1225 and provides a Windows based real time thermal conductivity versus temperature recording and interface for ease of use with maximum resolution and accuracy.

The TKE-1225 is custom designed to allow for a wide range of specimen size and shape and to provide sampling over a temperature range from -228C (45K) to 650C (923K). It is designed for ease of use, safe operation, efficiency, and has a compact design for a system that offers such varied parameters.


Thermal Conductivity Range 0.2 to 250 W/mK
Mean Sample Temperature Range -228°C (45K) to 650°C (923K)
Speciman Size Range Any size, ˜1cc ingot and up
Reproducibility 2%
Accuracy ± 5% to ± 10%depending on sample and conductivity