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PMIC Testing Instruments

Model: RUL/CIC 1893

Refractoriness Under load (RUL) – Refractoriness under Load is a measure of the durability of construction materials at high temperatures, as in industrial furnaces for heat-treating, smelting, etc. PMIC, (in accordance with ISO 1893) provides an instrument, which places a sample under compression and a fixed heating rate and follows the strain of the material as a function of temperature. A screw driven loading mechanism, heating to about 1700C, and air or inert atmospheres are available, together with complete computer control and data processing. The instrument is also designed to meet the requirements of DIN 51053, ISO 3187 and DIN 993-9.

Creep in Compression (CIC)PMIC provides a high temperature (to 1700C) test facility to subject refractory materials to compression creep. A screw driven mechanism provides constant load with time and LVDTs are used to monitor the strain with time.


Load Max. Load adjustable to 2 Kg/
Accuracy ±5.0% (specimen dependent)
Reproducibility ± 2%
Mean Sample Temperature Range to 1700°C
Sample Size Dimension: 50mm diameter up to 50mm Thick; hollow or solid