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PMIC Testing Instruments

Model MI-900

Test Type: CTE, Michelson Laser Interferometer, Reference ASTM E289
The PMIC Michelson laser interferometer measures real time thermal expansion and contraction. Each shift in the fringe pattern corresponds to a change in specimen length of one-half the laser wavelength (316 nm (12.456 ”-in) for a He-Ne laser in vacuum).

Precision optics, photo detectors and interpolation techniques allow nanometer resolution. This technique uniquely allows a wide range in specimen size and shape. Thin films, plates, sandwich structures and tubes up to 3m long can be tested. Multi-directional strains can be determined simultaneously, e.g., for composite components or structures.


Resolution 10 to 50 ppb/șC
Temperature Range A -150°C (123K) to +150°C (423K)
Temperature Range B -160°C (113K) to +725°C (1000K)
Temperature Range C -235°C (38K) to +50°C (323K)
Specimen Size Simple to Complex
Control Software LabView