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Model: CME-102

Many materials expand, contract, change mass, and undergo internal stress changes under varying conditions of humidity due to moisture absorption and diffusion. This is often a significant design consideration and usually requires weeks of testing in a controlled lab environment to determine the coefficient of moisture expansion (CME).

PMIC’s CME-102 System indicates an instantaneous CME value over temperatures from 0C (273K) to 94C (367K) and humidity values from 20 to 98%RH. The PMIC CME-102 system uses linear variable differential transducers (LVDT) for displacement measurements, and micro-gram mass variation simultaneously. A PC interface allows Windows based real time expansion/contraction recording, running executable code for ease of use in a user-friendly environment, with maximum resolution and accuracy.

These unique system features give never before seen speed and results, up to 100 times faster than conventional methods for measuring moisture expansion. The PMIC CME-102 system accepts composite laminates, ceramics, resins, films, strings, and a variety of other materials and can be utilized to test thermal expansion, moisture absorption, and hygrothermoelastic properties. Also, with this system, materials can be studied to understand boundary effects, the impact of moisture cycling and material damage.


Moisture Range 0.0 to 98% RH
Mean Specimen Temperature Range 0°C to 94°C
Sample Size Customized size
Reproducibility ± 2%
Accuracy ± 5% to ± 10%depending on sample and conductivity