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PMIC Testing Instruments

Testing Instruments

PMIC has taken its testing experience and has applied it to the creation and development of custom testing instruments for thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, moisture expansion and now Refractoriness Under Load/Creep in Compression (RUL/CIC). Our instruments are designed and built to meet your specific testing parameters for material geometries and temperature, and do not force you to make “special” specimens for testing.

The following instruments are currently available to be designed and built to your requirements:

  • Model: XDCE-3, Thermophysical Properties Instrument

Test Type: Measures thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and emissivity

  • Model: XDC-2, Thermophysical Properties Instrument

Test Type: Measures thermal expansion, thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity to 1,650°C

  • Model: MI-900, Michelson Laser Interferometer

Test Type: Measures thermal expansion by a Michelson Laser Interferometer, Reference ASTM E289

  • Model: TKE-1225

Test Type: Measures thermal conductivity by the Guarded Comparative Heat Flow Metod, Reference ASTM E1225

  • Model: CME-102 Moisture Expansion Measurement System

Test Type: Measures moisture expansion in materials such as polymer composites and laminates

  • Model: LV-5

Test Type: CTE, Quartz Dilatometer, Reference ASTM E228

  • Model: SA-16/8

Test Type: Thermal Strain Analyzer

  • Model: RUL/CIC 1893 Refractoriness Under Load and Creep In Compression

Test Type: Measures refractoriness and creep at high temperatures