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Specific Heat

Specific Heat Capacity (Cp) – Specific Heat measurements form the basis for many tests, including Diffusivity, Emissivity, and Effusivity.

Specific heat is measured using a Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC). PMIC uses a TA Instruments 2920 MDSC. Testing is performed according to ASTM E1269.

In addition to measuring specific heat a DSC is useful for characterizing various transitions in materials including glass transition (Tg), heat of fusion and vaporization, phase transition temperatures, cure temperature, and onset of oxidation. Specific heat data can also be used to derive other quantities including diffusivity and emissivity.

Temp Range -150°C (123K) to 650°C (923K)
Specimen Size – Maximum 0.25 diameter, 0.1 thick

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