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PMIC Testing Services

Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing and evaluation methods are employed at PMIC. These include:

Hall Effect – Measuring electrical resistivity under an applied magnetic field supplies information about the carrier concentration, Hall mobility, and majority carrier type of a semiconductor.

Opto-Acoustic Emission (OAE) – Laser Michelson intererometry has been adopted at PMIC to record real time amplitudes and phases of photodetector signals caused by microcracking, especially in composite materials when cooling. Amplitude analysis reveals type of defect created (interlaminar matrix crack, fiber break, debonding, etc). Acoustic emission events are detected optically when thermal cycled and offer advantages over conventional acoustic emission techniques. (Ask for technical papers)

Ultrasonic TestingPMIC has used PZT based transducers at frequencies from 150KHz to several MHz to measure elastic moduli of solids to and to detect internal flaws.

ThermographyPMIC uses localized thermoelectric heaters and has infrared detectors to scan heat flow through laminates or other solids. Variations in local heat transmission are due to internal flaws. Theories for predicting temperature drops at interfaces have also been developed.

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