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PMIC Testing Services


PMIC has experience and equipment to meet customers needs in metrology. Examples include:

Thermal Cycling: PMIC routinely carries out thermal cycling of test samples, component and structures from 20K and to about 900K. Custom construction and instrumentation permit extension of both temperature range and test sample dimensions.

Cryogenics: PMIC is one of the largest users of cryogenic liquids on the West coast. Our extensive experience in the handling and application methods of using liquid Nitrogen and liquid Helium permit testing to be carried out as low as -253C (20K).

Machine Vision Systems: Vision system optics/electronics have been used to calibrate antenna structures. CCD camera based extensometers/computer systems are under development

Temporal Stability: Gage block comparators, modified differential Michelson interferometers, differential LVDT dilatometers, Fraunhofer-Fresnel diffraction based gages, Fabry-Perot interferometers

Piezoceramics: PMIC has extensive experience in the use of PZT driven E/O modulators and optical positioning devices.

Other test techniques include strain gage, LVDT, optical levers, autocollimators.

Please contact us to discuss your Metrology needs.