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Precision Measurements and Instruments Corporation
3665 SW Deschutes Street • Corvallis, Oregon 97333-9285
Ph: (541) 753-0607 • Fax: (541) 753-0610
PMIC - Company

Client List

The following is a partial list of current and past customers.

Adherent Technologies, Inc.
Adhesive Research
Adtech Systems Research, Inc
Advanced Ceramics
Advanced Material Sciences (AMS)
Advanced Polymer Concepts
Advanced Propulsion Technologies
Aearo Specialty Composites
Aero Industries
Aerospace Corporation
Aerospace Metal Composites Limited (AMC)
AGC Electronic Materials
Agilent Technologies
Aircraft Braking Systems
Akron Polymer Products
Akron Rubber Development Lab
Albarrie Canada Limited
Alcan Packaging
Alcatel Alenia Space
Alenia Spazio S.P.A.
Allegheny-Ludlum Technical Center
Alliance Spacesystems
Alliant Aerospace Company
Alliant Techsystems (ATK)
Allied Signal, Inc
American Stainless
American Superconductor
Amp Incorporated
Antaya Technologies Corporation
Applied Aerospace Structures Corp.
Applied Materials Technologies Inc (AMT)
Applied Nanotech, Inc.
Applied Physics Laboratory
Arch Chemicals, Inc
Arizona Chemical
Armacell LLC
Armstrong World Industries
Ashland Speciality Chemical Company
Aspen Aerogels, Inc
Astrium Ltd.
Atlanta Fiberglass, USA (AFG)
Austrian Aerospace Ges.m.b.H.
Axsun Technologies
B & S Aircraft Alloys, Inc
B F Goodrich
BAE Systems
Baker Petrolite
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
Ballard Power Systems
Bay Composites
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc
Bodycote Polymer
Bodycote Thermal Processing
Boeing Company
Bonded Fiber Midwest
Bostik Findley, Inc.
BP Chemicals
Brashear LP
Brigham Young University
Brush Wellman Inc
Bryte Technologies
Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc.
Bulova Technologies LLC
Cal Tech
Cascade Microtech
CCS Composites, LLC
Celanese Advanced Materials
Centro Inc.
Ceradyne Thermo Materials
CETCO (Colloid Environmental Technologies Company)
Chart Energy & Chemicals, Inc
Chart Industries, Inc.
ChemTrace Services
Chevron Oronite
Cidete Ingenieros SL
Cidra Corporation
Cincinnati Testing Lab
Closedmold Composties
Coherent Technologies Inc.
COI Ceramics
Collinear Corporation
ColorChip Ltd.
Columbus Chemical
Composite Engineering
Composite Optics, Inc.
Composite Solutions
Composite Technology Development
Composites Atlantic Ltd.
Composites Network
ConAgra Food Ingredients Company
Conductive Rubber Consultants
Constellation Technology Corporation
Cook Composites and Polymers
Cookson Electronics, Assembly Materials Group
Coors Brewing Company
Cornell Univ.
Cornerstone Research Group
Corning Incorporated
Creare Inc.
Crompton Corporation
Cytec Engineered Materials Inc.
Cytec Fiberite, Inc
Infoscitex Corporation
Infrared Fiber Systems
Inspec Foams
Insultec, Inc
Integran Technologies Inc.
Integrated Technologies Inc. (INTEC)
Intel Corporation
International Composites Technologies Inc.
Ion America
Iowa Thin Film Technologies, Inc.

ITT Industries
ITW Dynatec
ITW Philadelphia Resins
Jacobs Sverdrup Technologies
JDS Uniphase Corporation
Jeld-Wen Research and Development
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Johns Hopkins University APL
Johnson Controls
K Technology Corporation
Kaiser Electronics Division of Rockwell Collins
KaZaK Composites Incorporated
Ketema Programmed Composites
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS
Korea Aerospace Research Institute
Korean Air
Kraft USA – Memphis KFI HQ
Kumgang Korea Chemical Co., LTD
Kyocera America Inc.
L-3 Communications
L’Garde, Inc.
Lacomtech Co., Ltd.
Lam Research Corp.
Latex International
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lebanite Corporation
Lehigh Technologies
Lexmark International Inc
LG Chem
Lockheed Martin
Los Alamos National Lab
Luxel Corporation
M Cubed Technologies
Marine Mechanical Corporation (MMC)
Martin Marietta Composites
Matra Marconi Space UK Ltd
MDA Corporation – Space Missions
Metal Matrix Composites
Michigan Molecular Institute (Oxazogen)
MicroPhase Coatings, Inc.
Mid-Mountain Materials
Mide Technology Corporation
Min-K Division of Thermal Ceramics
MIT Lincoln Lab
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric Corp
Mitsubishi Kasei
Moog Components Group Inc.
MS Composites
MSE Technology Applications, Inc.
NASA Ames Research Center
NASA Glenn Research Center
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
NASA Langley Research Center
NASA Marshall EM30
NASA/Swales Aerospace
National Optical Astronomy Observatory
National Renewable Energy Lab N.R.E.L.
National Speciality Alloys
Naval Research Laboratory
NEC Toshiba Space Systems, Ltd
New World Generation Inc.
Niagara Specialty Metals, Inc.
Nippon Steel Corporation
Nisseki Chemical Texas Inc.
Northrop Grumman Corp
Nuclear Metals Inc
NuSil Technology, LLC
OCM Test Laboratory
OMNI Laoratories, Inc.
Orbital Sciences Corporation
Oregon Freeze Dry
PACCAR Technical Center
Paragon Space Development Corp.
PCC Structurals, Inc.
Pella Corporation
Pergo Inc.
PerkinElmer Corp
Perma-Pipe, Inc.
Pittsburg Corning Corporation
Plastics Additives Applications Laboratory
Plastics Technology Laboratories, Inc.
Polese Company, Inc
Polymer Technologies
Porvair Fuel Cell Technology
Power Systems Composites, LLC
PPG Industries, Inc.
Pratt & Whitney
Praxair, Inc
Principia LightWorks, Inc.
Programmed Composites Inc.
Promerus L.L.C.
Quality Composites Inc
US Department of Energy
USG Research & Technology Center
Utah State University
UTC Fuel Cells
Vanguard Composites Group Inc.
Vermont Composites
Vision Composites
Visteon Corporation
Wabash Magnetics LLC
Western Digital
Weyerhaeuser Company
Whirlpool Corporation
Wichita State University
World Health Organization
Wright Industries
WSU NIAR Composites Laboratory
Xerox Corporation