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Precision Measurements and Instruments Corporation
3665 SW Deschutes Street • Corvallis, Oregon 97333-9285
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Our Mission – Be the world leader in thermophysical and micromechanical measurements by serving the business community providing precision measurements, instruments and consulting services to meet your measurement needs with confidence and accuracy.

HistoryPMIC was founded in 1991 in Philomath, Oregon by Dr. Ernest G. Wolff, providing highly accurate thermal expansion measurements using the Michelson laser interferometry. As the importance of understanding thermal expansion characterization of materials became more pronounced, so did the need for PMIC services. PMIC gradually expanded its technical staff and equipment to meet the testing demands of industries, until a larger facility was required in 1998.

Company ProfilePMIC moved to its current location in Corvallis, Oregon in 1998 with the construction of an 8400 square foot laboratory and office complex specifically designed for a vibration free, controlled electro-optical testing environment.

The dimensional stability measurements systems employed at PMIC are based on 23 years of research conducted by Dr. Ernest G. Wolff at The Aerospace Corporation in Los Angeles and at Oregon State University. Dr. Wolff, a retired Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University, is the CEO at PMIC. He has published extensively on the dimensional stability of materials and laser interferometry measurement techniques.

Our engineering staff, led by Dr. Wolff, brings over 50 years of experience in making dimensional stability and thermal conductivity measurements for our clients. PMIC currently employs 15 engineers, technical support and administrative personnel to meet your needs.

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